Cardiac electrophysiology is the science of diagnosing and treating electrical activities of the heart. This is a subspecialty of cardiology that typically requires two or more years of fellowship training beyond a general cardiology fellowship. Our electrophysiologist performs interventional cardiac electrophysiology studies as well as surgical device implantations. 

Our Services and Conditions Treated

  •  Halter monitoring

  •  Tilt Table Test

  •  Pulmonary Function Tests
  •  Sleep Study Tests
  •  Signal Average EKG
  •  P wave signal averaging
  •  Impedance Cardiography
  •  Microvolt T wave Alternans
  •  Carotid Doppler and Transcranial Doppler
  •  Stress Test
  •  24 hour blood pressure
  •  Autonomic Nervous System Testing
  •  Metabolic Stress Testing
  •  Vascular Testing
  •  Implantable Loop Recorder (ILR) 

Our Electrophysiologist